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Brick Paver Repair & Restoration

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We Bring New Life To Your Brick Paver!

We offer a full repair and restoration process to your outdoor areas like patios, sidewalks, pool-decks, and driveways.


We Repair


In certain circumstances where failure occurs during the restoration process – such as extreme weather conditions like heavy snowfall or high windsails which can damage pavers beyond repair—we will recommend removal rather than attempting ineffective remedial measures which only complicate matters further down the road.

Apple Landscape Design is committed to providing you with the best possible service when it comes time for your brick pavers repair. We take great care in identifying any failures and correcting them back into beautiful works of art that will last years, not just months or seasons. Our fully licensed staff performs all work according to ICPI standards so they can give each project their full attention-which means gorgeous appearances plus durable joints which ensure longevity too.


Restoring Through
Pressure Washing


It’s essential to remove any existing sealant before applying a new coat in order to avoid damaging your pavers. A thorough pressure wash with an environmentally safe solution followed by this process will ensure that the salts and minerals rising from below do not alter or diminish the appearance of your walkways, patios, pool decks, and pavers, leaving them looking as good as new.

After cleaning, inspect your pavers for any damage that may need repair. This is the ideal moment- as pressure washing could have displaced some of the joint sand between them -to check their level and make necessary adjustments or replacements before moving on.


Removing Molds & Filling
in the Gaps


Mold, both common and toxic black mold can present health risks if left untreated. To ensure your safety from these hazards, hire Apple Landscape Design to assess the potential risk in instances of suspected contamination on paving stones or similar materials around your home. Additionally, be mindful of how much cover area receives that could impact water drainage as well as ventilation so proper pruning may need to take place for optimal air quality standards.

Complete your paver system with the added security of polymeric sand. Filling in gaps between pavers not only helps secure them but also deters invasive insects and weeds from surfacing.


Resealing the Pavers


To complete the transformation of your outdoor space, Apple Landscape recommends applying a paver sealant. We understand that each brand and finish has its own unique impact on your pavers – from natural to matte to wet-look finishes – so our experts can help you choose the best option for enhancing the exterior aesthetic of your home. Sealed pavers will also protect against oil and dirt build-up, weed growth, UV rays damage as well as freezing/thawing cycles; ultimately restoring vitality and long-lasting beauty.

Investing in resealing ensures years of worry-free enjoyment for any outdoor surface area.


what causes brick paver
cracks & failure

  • Poor Original Installation
  • Inadequate Compaction
  • Missing Edge Restraints
  • Improper Materials
  • Run-off Slopes
  • Improper Drainage Provisions
  • Underlying Sprinkler Systems
  • Downspout Washout
  • Creeping Roots
  • Ants and Other Insects
  • Lack of Joint Stabilization
  • Glues Adhesive Wearing Off or Coming Loose
  • Glues Adhesive Wearing Off or Coming Loose

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